UK based company registered in UK mandated by
various companies and by a Canadian Based Fishing Vessel under the
Canada Fishing Vessel Owners' Association (FVOA), a trade association
of longline vessel operators to source for the seafarers looking for
jobs and for merchant ships, private ships, management and shipping
companies looking to employ seafarers.

We are using this opportunity to inform the interested
individual/expatriates or Consultancy firm capable of rendering
expertise services to supply the below stated workers for and
immediate employment by the Canadian Based Fishing Vessel under the
Canada Fishing Vessel Owners' Association (FVOA)

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Crew and ship management services
Constant change and evolution define modern crew and ship management crew managementservices. Our new generation crew training facilities ensure the right people for the right vessel.

Crew management has always been at the heart of our company’s operations, and to this day represents the largest segment of our shipping activities. Almost all of the approximately 14,000 crew on-board vessels under our crew management are recruited through a network of fully controlled manning agencies in key locations, including the Philippines, India, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, together with crew management offices in Cyprus, the Netherlands and Germany.

Seafarers are carefully screened, making sure only those fully qualified and properly STCW certified are employed. Meanwhile, modern tailor-made database and IT management systems ensure that high quality standards are constantly checked and upheld. Indeed, such fully transparent screening and employment procedures ensure both vessel owners and crew applicants can easily evaluate the recruitment process.
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Posted on 08 May 2017 by Padmalayam Krishnan
Empire Institute of Maritime Studies - Approved by Approved by Samoa Maritime Authority & Administration
Empire Institute of Maritime Studies (ElMS) - Approved by Samoa Maritime Authority & Administration, Ministry of Works, Transport & Infrastructure.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance safety standards onboard ships by providing effective training and education solutions to seafarers, ship owners and EIMSmanagers. We shall respond not only to the expectations of students but also to the shipping fraternity through quality in accordance with International Quality standards. We shall continuously endeavor to provide benchmarking standards of quality education and training, both ashore and onboard.

We are here

Empire Institute of Maritime Studies

Mukunda Suvas Apts., 47-9-28/3, Dwarakanagar 3rd Lane, Vishakhapatnam

Tel : 0891-2522189 | Cell : 9989862233
Web : eimssamoa.org

Our Mission

Providing high quality training and education services that empower participants in improving performance standards of their organizations.
Complying with national and international quality standards at all levels through application of modern training aids.
Ensuring a rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our faculty members and support staff.
Building and maintaining customer satisfaction, trust and integrity by delivering high quality services conforming to industry best practices and continuous process improvement.

Our vision is to enhance safety standards onboard ships by providing effective training and education solutions to seafarers, ship owners and managers.
We shall respond not only to the expectations of students but also to the shipping fraternity through quality in accordance with International Quality standards.
We shall Continuously endeavor to provide benchmarking standards of quality education and training, both ashore and onboard.
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Lighthouse - March, 2011 Global Shipping And Logistic Services
Heavy new and used equipment requires special shipping considerations due its size and weight. Shipping all types of cargoes such as bulldozers, cranes, Lighthouse trucks, plant equipment, project cargoes and other heavy industrial machinery requires a specialized Freight and Logistics service provider. Sree Krishna Maritime & Hospitality Services Group is now focusing on providing various types of global Logistics solutions so that shippers and receivers can receive a dedicated competitive professional service which will enable all parties involved to focus on the actual buying and selling or the projects they require the actual equipment to be used for. The first step in shipping heavy equipment is to have accurate cargo details such as dimensions and weight for the actual ocean carrier or transporter so that a competitive quote can be provided. This type of information can help the vessel owner or operator via Sree Krishna Maritime & Hospitality Services determine the actual type of service required and if any special considerations need to be made. Sree Krishna Maritime & Hospitality Services Group has the experience, dedicated professionals and first class knowledge globally that enables us to focus on this specialized sector of the market.

Our dedicated team always consults and works with our clients for the respective cargo specs as well as specialist transporters in order to obtain all requisite information regarding equipment or cargo dimensions and weight.
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Beyond the Law of the Sea: New Directions for Oceans Policy
The 1982 U.N. Convention of the Law of the Sea took over a decade to produce law of the seaand was the final result of the largest single international negotiating process undertaken before or since that time. As the world's leading maritime nation, the U.S. has vital, immediate, national interests in the Convention and in the continuing refinement of maritime law based upon the tenets of that comprehensive document.
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We are principally involved in “owner financing” or “alternative financing”.
The term “Marine financing” covers a variety of transactions involving the purchase or sale of maritime equipment. We are principally involved in owner financing “owner financing” or “alternative financing”. Before going into the type of financial management that we do, it is important to understand conventional or standard financing.

Conventional Marine Financing
Conventional marine financing involves a security arrangement with a bank or other lending institution, by which money to purchase a vessel is received in exchange for a security interest in the vessel.

The security interest generally takes the form of a First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage. The borrower executes a “promissory note” promising to pay the loan, as well as, a First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage which pledges the vessel as security for the loan. The note usually obligates the borrower personally so that if the vessel is foreclosed and sold by the lender, the borrower must pay any deficiency if the vessel does not sell for enough to pay the entire loan.
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How Personal Concierge Can Push Your Growth
These days most individuals are quite busy with a lot of deals and things How Personal Concierge Can Push Your Growtharound to be done. They simply do not have time to cope with all the duties and the only solution is to hire someone who would take care of it. Ordering Personal concierge service may be the wisest decision you have ever made. With office concierge service, all your important affairs are under control of a specialist. You have more time to manage yourself and your family and you are certain that all the important things would not be missed. Personal concierge is a person who helps and supports busy individuals and companies by offering a wide range of services. There is really big demand on such services and that causes more and more office concierge business on the market. You can choose someone who is recommended or look for a reliable, professional service provider. You may probably think that it is unprofitable to hire someone who can do things that you can do yourself. But consider having more time for achieving your personal goals and making your dreams come true. Isn't it worth to sacrifice any amount of money to have more freedom and time for family and friends? With a professional help of office concierge, all your work will be well-organized and everything would remain in the perfect right order. That may be beneficial for both your business and family life too.
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Concierge Services for families
Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge offers affordable concierge service, personal assistant Concierge Services for familiesservices to individuals, families, residential and small businesses. With just one phone call or e-mail, you may request our help on practically anything from errands, shopping, research, computer and network support, travel, pet and house sitting and family event planning.

Concierge Services
For the Individual
Life can be hectic. We can help put balance back into your daily life by completing may of the items on your ever growing "To-Do" list. By hiring Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge, we help to create time, eliminate stress and give you peace of mind at the end of the day. As a “can do” concierge we will work with great tenacity to get your request completed in a timely manner.

For Business
Need an extra set of hands but don't want the hassle of hiring a part time employee or the hit and miss in quality of hiring a temp. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge can be an inexpensive quality alternative to any immediate need your business might have.

Concierge Service Prices and Fees

Below is a partial list of the concierge and errand services we offer. If you have a need which isn't listed, please send us a request and we will contact you to get the details needed to provide excellent service and complete the task.
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Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services : International Sea Freight Forwarders
As of one of the UK's leading seafreight forwarders for business, Sea Wing has a 20-year track record for the safe, reliable and cost-effective delivery of seafreight. As premier International Sea Freight Forwardersinternational freight forwarders, our network of agents, partners and subsidiaries enables clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and time requirements.

A full door to door service can be provided, and from time of order placement to final delivery, we are in complete control of your freight. If you choose Sea Wing, you will see why we say that our long-established reliability and customer service are second to none.

Seafreight services
As independent freight forwarders we negotiate with shipping companies to obtain the best rates and options for moving their FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments around the world.

Sea freight we handle
We ship a large volume of general cargo, and have ongoing partnerships with many businesses for their sea freight needs. For private clients who want a reliable service, we can transport goods such as personal effects, cars and specialised items.
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Passenger’s baggage services
Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services is a well-known provider for terminal and baggage servicespassenger’s baggage services at airport locations around the world – services that aim for an improved passenger experience, services airports do not have the resources to take care of. Engaging Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services on a management or concession basis the airport will not have to worry about it anymore. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services takes care of it. The airport neither has to invest into staff nor into carts, lockers, wrapping machines etc., but can benefit from additional income.Airport Passenger Baggage Services

Through the years, the Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services Group has achieved an outstanding record for the quality and integrity of its services and products performed for its customers.

The Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services Group has their headquarters in India. Further domestic companies are located in Singapore, Great Britain and the U.S.A.. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services’s management team has years of airport experience, and manages and operates trolley operation systems and terminal baggage services at airports in Europe and North America.
Airport and Passenger Baggage Services

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services offers a range of customer and baggage services that ease an airport’s daily tasks and make their travellers feel supported and comfortable. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services’s experience shows that passengers appreciate having the choice for services to be rendered and will use them when needed.
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Warehousing, Distribution & Transload Operations
Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services is a full-service provider in the logistics sector; engineering the best possible solutions for goods and material flow on behalf for our Warehousing, Distribution & Transload Operationsclients.

The logistics management system developed by Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services managing a 20,000 Sqft warehousing 2 min to airport, and value added services, International and domestic transport, state-of-the-art information technology.

Our sophisticated logistics system handles inventory management; order processing, order picking, labeling, track & trace cost cutting transport mode selection.

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services provides the logistical support its clients need to supply today's global markets with maximum service at minimum cost.


* Twenty Thousands of square feet of modern 2 year old warehouse space in strategic centers all over Asia-pacific.

* Full range of EDI capabilities

* Wholesale distribution and order desk services

* Cross-dock and flow through distribution

* Pick and pack order assembly at all SKU levels

* Price ticketing and labeling

* Wholesale club pack assembly

* Third party invoicing

* Customized transport and logistic solutions at all levels of the supply chain

* Tailor Crating and palletizing
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Freight Forwarding Services - Air Freight Forwarding Services & Sea Freight Forwarding Services
From groupage (Less than a Container Load) shipments to full container loads, we offer Sea Freight Forwarding Servicesyou cost efficient sea freight services. We strive to take utmost care of your containerized goods and project shipments. Our worldwide network of associates and agents makes us lead the industry providing quick and hassle free services.Experience is what sets us apart from other similar service providers. We have an entire family of products to suit a variety of needs. Add to it fast transit periods, optimum prices, prompt arrival and departure and you have a reliable sea freight service that provides solutions to almost all your needs. We have clearly defined processes in place which gives you reliability as well as saves costs and gives you that elusive thing that you've always yearned for ... peace of mind.

Port Handling Services

Our port handling services include discharge and loading of bulk, bagged, container/ project cargo dangerous goods. We take care of the entire operation of loading/unloading at ports and ensure a swift handling and delivery of all kinds of cargo including dry/ liquid cargo, dangerous goods/over dimensional cargo and ammunition cargo for various defense establishments all over the country.

Chartering Services

With us, you can also avail of our excellent chartering of vessels and aircrafts whether you need them for personal use or for relocation of your prized cargo. We offer full and part-charters, voyage/ time charters and air charters/ helicopters. We remain connected with the best and the biggest vessel owners world wide with a network of associates all across the world. We have dedicated a separate group of workforce to handle your chartering needs. We operate according to your own personal schedule and assure you of comfort and safety. We cover many and varied destinations including those that are less frequented by other firms. Our client list includes the who's who of corporate world.
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Concierge Services for Shippies
The Concierge Services team is available seven days a week to make Concierge Services for Shippiesfamilies feel more at home while away from home. From assisting with hotel accommodations to providing toiletries and arranging tours to area attractions, the role of Concierge Services is defined only by a family’s needs. Homekeepersindia.com - Personal, Home and Office Concierge & Lifestyle Management services, our sister concern.
24/7/365 support: Local concierge will assist you for event tickets, car rental, spa/massage booking and more
No limitation of requests (see terms of use). Contact us for personal shopping service and international support.
We will make you customerized offers.
Access to international high-end places, restaurants, spas and more with our concierges!
You benefit from a large database of high quality services with the best prices:
access to 80,000 hotels including 4,500 exclusive 4 and 5 star hotels;
2,500 golf resorts with priority reservations and preferred customer rates.
Special gifts and invitations to international shows, fashion shows, business and VIP events.
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KHOMS vehicle management
The KHOMS vehicle management team have been providing client support KHOMS vehicle managementfor a number of years through varied positions in the luxury and specialist car market. Team members have been responsible for world wide service support for Mclaren F1, Maybach and Mercedes SLR McLaren. Through KHOMS Vehicle Management they have built up a network of clients who look to them for assistance with all aspects of vehicle ownership. Clients range from successful business individuals, sports stars and celebrities. We always ensure our clients arrangements are kept confidential. Whether you have one special vehicle or a complete collection we have the experience to provide you an exclusive personal vehicle concierge service. We offer a wide range of services from individual requests to creating a maintenance schedule for a collection of vehicles. Everything we offer can be tailored around your needs. Upon registering your interest we will arrange a consultation meeting to establish your requirements. We will then create a detailed proposal with costings for your approval. We will then appoint one of our personal liaison managers as your point of contact, the idea is that you form a professional relationship with our representative which allows us to provide you a consistent exclusive service.
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Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services
By utilizing our vast knowledge of the marketplace along with relationships Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services and partnerships with worldwide key players in the luxury world, KHOMS Concierge is sure to deliver unique and quality lifestyle experiences. We are not commissioned-based; we take the time to understand your needs. We let you define your idea of luxury and we customize your request to ensure that it meets your every wish; that is why our fees reflect the personalization of our service. Our client-pro strategy provides an experience of enjoyment that is colorful, tasteful and is worth a lifetime experience.

KHOMS Concierge is a service company and great service is not always expensive. Our philosophy is to create results for our clients as we believe in quality over quantity. We believe our client is not a number and that a good result is not built over a night. We believe in having an in depth communication with our client to better match the needs and offer the very best service in luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle. As Steve Edo said “people are still willing to spend on things that are meaningful to them and will somehow make their lives better. However, I believe our business is about enriching their lives with new experiences, not simply being rich”.
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Corporate Concierge Information
Employee Productivity Increases
With a tight labor market, employers are continuously searching for ways to retain their workforce. Because of this radical change in the market, Corporate Concierge Informationemployees are looking for more than just a paycheck. These overwhelmed employees are searching for balance in their lives. Employers are beginning to help by providing on-site childcare, fitness centers, flexible hours, and even concierge services that allow employees to lead more productive lives.
75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while on the job. Waiting for their computers
Office workers "futz" with their machines an average of 5.1 hours each week, waiting for software programs to run or for help to arrive, with double-checking printouts for accuracy and format following as a close second.
--source: SBT Accounting System, 1997

Lunch/Breaks/Personal Business:
We spend approximately 4.5 hours per week on lunch, breaks or personal business.
--source: Pace Productivity Inc.

Our most productive day is Tuesday, followed by Monday.
--source Accountemps survey

How do we, as Indians, spend our time?

During our lifetime, it has been shown that we spend:
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Property Management Services
KHOMS offers home and rental property owners in India a convenient, Property Management Servicesefficient, and time saving option designed to assist you with the many obligations that come with ongoing operation and maintenance of your property. We encourage you to hire us for your specific needs that may include;

* Handling your vacation renters, meeting with keys, etc.
* Cleaning after vacation renters leave.
* Managing lawn care.
* Managing snow plowing and/or snow shoveling.
* Performing basic repair and maintenance jobs.
* Household trash removal, recycling, bottle returns, etc.
* Furniture rearranging.
* Getting quotes, contacting, and meeting a plumber, electrician, appliance repairman, furnace repaiman, etc.
* Obtaining quotes and working with contractors for interior or exterior painting jobs, roofing projects, landscaping, etc.
* Taking care of your grocery store or pharmacy shopping.
* Monitoring vacant properties over extended periods of time.
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Available from KHOMS is an affordable maintenance program
nce you get through with all of the back to school work, it is time to start Available from KHOMS is an affordable maintenance programthinking about how you can prepare your home in the fall to make it more efficient and a lot more green. Typically, in most areas, when winter comes, we use more energy to keep our home comfortable. Let us reduce that dependance with some savvy, but easy, home preparation. One of the best things that you can do for your home in the fall is to eliminate as many drafts as possible. Of course, there are the walls, especially those of the foundation to address, the attic and around windows and doors. But there are also some other hidden draft spots, such as your fireplace or chimney, around electrical outlets and light fixtures and the entrance for your dryer vent hose. Also make sure to take down window air conditioners and close the fireplace flue when not in use. Speaking of fireplaces, they can actually rob your home of a good deal of heat. You can change this by fitting in a wood burning stove, use an electric fireplace insert or a direct vent natural gas insert.
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Posted on 10 Dec 2010 by Stephy Varghese
Welcome to Krishnamrutam Home & Office Management Services.
In today's ever busy, business world there is much more to cleaning services Office Management Services.than maintaining a clean property. Krishnamrutam Home & Office Management Services provides clients in all the major cities of India with a full range of facilities management services based on their individual needs.

We are happy to introduce to you our well established custom, taking care of all your cleaning and other needs that may be within the scope of our business. We cater for your utmost satisfaction, professionally cleaning your offices and homes. Dealing in both general office, retail, domestic and all other commercial cleaning, we provide one of the best High Quality of Work in the market, taking special attention to details.
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Product Support or Franchisee - Contact us
Our team is at your service.
Get started now.
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Sree Krishna Maritime – Privacy Policy
The copyright in this website is owned by or licensed to Sree Krishna Maritime. Unless stated to the contrary, material in this website is copyright to Sree Krishna Maritime. Reproduction is limited to downloading to a local hard disk for your personal use. The content of this website may not be copied or otherwise incorporated into or stored in any other website, electronic retrieval system or in any other publicly available form without the prior written consent of Sree Krishna Maritime. The website is protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.
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Related Policies and Terms

A. Related Policies and Terms

The Site Terms apply exclusively to your access to, and use of, this Site and do not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other agreement you may have with SKMS for products, services, or otherwise.

SKMS has adopted a Privacy Statement that you should refer to in order to fully understand how we use and collect information. To learn about SKMS's privacy practices, please refer to the Privacy Policy section of the Site.
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TERMS OF USE Last Updated December 01, 2010
Sree Krishna Maritime Services (SKMS) ("Sree Krishna Maritime" "we," "us") TERMS OF USEshares the concerns of visitors ("Visitors," "you") to our Internet world wide web site (located at http://www.sreekrishnamaritime.com/ (the "Site")), which is hosted in India, about the protection of your personal information online. This privacy policy (the "Policy") describes our practices regarding the privacy of information that we collect through the Site, which is hosted and operated from India. This Policy does not govern our collection of information through any web site, or by any other means, other than through the Site, or the collection of information by any other SKMS entities and affiliates (collectively, "Affiliated Entities").
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Additional Disclaimer
This web site may contain information that is created and maintained by a Additional Disclaimervariety of sources both internal and external to Sree Krishna Maritime Services (SKMS). These sites may be unmoderated forums containing the personal opinions and other expressions of the persons who post the entries. Sree Krishna Maritime Services (SKMS) does not control, monitor or guarantee the information contained in these sites or information contained in links to other external web sites, and does not endorse any views expressed or products or services offered therein. Any links to external Web sites provided on this website web pages are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by Sree Krishna Maritime Services (SKMS) of the content or views of the linked materials.
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Shipping Support Services - Container Transport Management.
With modern infrastructure at our disposal, we offer freight forwarding as a Shipping Support Servicesspecialized service to both importers/exporters with full responsibility of handling the import/export function. These services include warehousing, transport, customs broking and other related activities. We are geared to provide comprehensive multimodal service on a point-to-point basis using various modes of transport. Our Container Freight Stations are equipped with sophisticated equipment such as Top Lifters , cranes and Trailers. dispatched to the factory to smooth sailing of the shipment , release of B/L along with other peripheral documents thereby providing fool proof , hassle free and timely shipments .
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Specialist project management and engineering support for offshore installations
SKMS offers full turnkey project management and specialist engineering support for the inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore installations, including for offshore installationsmodifications, refurbishments and annual surveys.

SKMS provides an integrated portfolio of engineering design, modifications, upgrades and repairs, ranging from minor projects to complete lifecycle contracts with full implementation.

SKMS's versatile, cost effective and multi-disciplined capability ensures a strong focus on excellence and project management efficiency.
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Posted on 09 Dec 2010 by Shiny Wilson
It's a win-win situation for multimodal transporters
Multimodal transportation, in India, still has a long way to go. The multimodal transportersgovernment should take measures to tip the economies of scale in favour of multimodal transporters. That is not the case now. For example, inspection of all the goods at the ports by the Customs should be done away with. This will check pilferage, reduce procedural hassles and speed up the movement of goods. Instead of examination of goods by the Customs, the government should have better intelligence to track the culprits. Finance Minister Jaswant Singh has promised to look into this issue after six months. At present, multimodal transport operators are not allowed to move their cargo from one container freight station (CFS) to another. But they are allowed to transport goods from the inland container depot (ICD) to the port. The government should also permit the movement of goods from one CFS to another, say, at Jawaharlal Nehru Port, which has many container freight stations. This will ensure the consolidation of cargo at one location, and help economies of scale.
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Welcome to SKMS Air Cargo
At SKMS Air Cargo, we know the critical importance of each shipment and how much it could mean to the daily operations of your business. We treat Welcome to SKMS Air Cargoevery shipment as a highly individualized experience wherein your cargo moves swiftly, directly from your facility to the airline dock and straight to the destination. That’s why our freight services command immediate response and absolute trust. All our offices employ experienced professionals, the best resources and the latest technologies to transport your shipment across the globe efficiently. We ensure that nothing comes between moving your shipment from point A to point B in the fastest time - carefully and consistently. This is why we can deliver the world to any door step. Because when you are with SKMS, you are with a professional who knows the fastest way around the world. Our integrated fleet and experience of top-notch expertise permits us to chart the shortest logistic route for your shipment till it reaches the destination, all along assuring that there’s no delay, diversion or misplacement.
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Packers & Movers / Passenger Baggage Handling
Our wide expertise in the field allows us to provide efficient and quick packing Passenger Baggage Handlingand moving services of all kinds of goods and cargo to any part of the world as required by our clients. Our experienced team members are adept in packaging techniques of different products, depending on their fragility and make sure that no damage is caused to them under any circumstances. Moreover, our well established relations with transportation agents helps us in timely delivering the goods to the required destination, be it domestic or international. We offer the best baggage handling system with in affordable ranges.Our company have great experience and professional team.We always offer wide variety and low range services.So,if you have any requirements just contact for more information.
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Household Relocation, Warehouse Services, Car Carrier Services
SKMS is a Movers & Packers firm that deals with the Packing and Moving of Household Items,Corporate Relocation,Car Career Services,Storage Household Relocation, Warehouse Services, Car Carrier ServicesServices. We are a professionally managed company with a team of highly skilled,dedicated, specially trained, experienced staff who works for the satisfaction of your needs. As a pioneer in the field of Relocation,

we shift and relocate household goods ,Corporate goods,Office Items ..etc to your destination, as required & on time. We have a huge warehouse for storage of goods to ensure their protection. we take care to handle your belongins till it reaches safely at your doorstep. All fragile items are handled with care.We have a team of packers and supervisors as well as we have managers who manage the whole operations efficiently.

we also care that all the transported goods and items reaches its target destination on a door-to-door basis with the best packaging material used by SKMS. We at SKMS also handle the sensitive assignment of electronic and software packaging, which is one of the special areas of our focus.other thrust area of our network is localized relocation, Car Carrier transport & Warehousing. Our strength lies in our location Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Coimbator, Indore, Chandigarh.
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Temperature Controlled Logistics Partners
Our Temperature Controlled Logistics Partners in India are located in all the Temperature Controlled Logistics Partnersmajor cities of India. Maintaining core temperatures to protect our customers goods from deterioration is a vitally important part of our logistics system. With temperatures within the Indian interior ranging from -13 °C to +40 °C there is little margin for error. Whether your products are pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs which require storage or transportation at plus or minus temperatures we have the key facilities in place. Our partners have specialised in "Temperature Controlled Logistics" for over 12 years and have established Global Trade Lanes in place. We pride ourselves in our ability to send one sample box by Air and treat this with the same degree of care as full pallet loads for shipment via Airfreight or Seafreight. Data loggers are used from point of collection to point of delivery, ensuring both peace of mind and product integrity. Detailed below are some specifics about our operation and useful information which may help your decision process:

Temperature Controlled - Logistics Operations. To handle temperature control shipment from India requires 1st rate Logistics routing to maintain the required temperature and smooth handling.
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Crewing / Manning Services
SKMS Ship Management Company is a leading service provider for manpower consultancy in the shipping industry. Established in 1993 and incorporated in 2008, the Company has been promoted by some highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide the best manpower consultancy. The Company undertakes the supply of qualified and Crewing / Manning Servicesexperienced officer and crew for all types of vessels worldwide. Within the first few years of operations, SKMS has carved a niche for itself in manpower consultancy. Sourcing skilled and experienced crew requires a good deal of knowledge and experience. The personnel has remained with the Company due to the confidence instilled in the quality of service and the personal touch dedicated to them.

The Company's sourcing department is capable of selecting and providing seasoned and qualified personnel, with good service records. The Company places the following category of personnel, Master, Mates, Engineers, Mechanics, DP Operators, Crane Operators, Cooks, Stewards, general-purpose hands, Hotel Department and Medical Doctors. The Company aims to listen to its customer’s special requirements, and fulfill same by the best efforts put in and maitaining a stringent quality criteria. The Company strongly believes that the Quality and Certification declaration displayed is a "must" and at all times maintain strict monitoring procedures. Summai Shipping has been very successful in making a name for itself in a relatively short span of time, only because of its ability and commitments to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality consultancy at the right time and in the right manner.
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Policy on Health, Safety & Environment.
SKMS strives to be one of the most sought after Shipping Company in the West African Sub-region and beyond. Internationally, Rangk Ltd is Policy on Health, Safety & Environment.establishing links and registering her presence in the Far East (Rangk Singapore) and in the Caribeans – Afromarine Company Ltd of Gibralta. On Maritime Consultancy, the Company targets being a virtual one-stop centre for a multiple of maritime work advice and data.

Our Mission

To be the Trail Blazer in the Nigerian Maritime Industry and to excel by all Industry standards at all times.
To show highest commitment to Health, Safety and Environment Standards.
To provide Safe, Reliable and Efficient marine transportation.
Recognising the integral role of employees and providing fulfilling environment for their contribution to promote the growth and expansion of shipping as the catalyst sector of the Nigerian Economy.
To add value to the environment and to the society.
Having contributed to the birth of both the Cabotage Law and the Local content policy of the Federal Government, to show the way and assist in the full implementation of the regimes in the interest of the country.
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Custom Made Training
SKMS is a way for us to impart knowledge and expertise to our customers by Custom Made Trainingdrawing on the decades of accumulated experience, research and development that SKMS has accrued globally. SKMS, an integral part of SKMS Maritime Services, India was established in year 2008 is offering wide range of training courses (standard and customized) for the maritime industry practitioners to meet their specific needs.

SKMS provide systematic training with focus on enrichment and development of skills of shipbuilding engineers, ship owners/managers, shipboard officers, ship design institutions, maritime industry manufacturers and other maritime related institutions.
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Welcome to SKMS Virtual Office.
Why use our Virutal Office?Virutal Office

Only virtual office provider based and operating out of India
100% privacy. Client information handled confidential
Mailing address in the business district of Indian City
Quick client support: Live chat on page and email support within few hours
Direct contact to national mail and telecommunication providers
Safe time and money option: Forward mail by email
Wide range of payment methods including credit cards (Paypal)
Low forwarding fees, no up prices charged
Discounted DHL courier shipping rates.

We are an Offshore Service Provider located in India offering to international businesses and individuals following services:

Virtual Offices, Mail Forwarding, Mail Drop, PO Boxes, Physical Street Addresses, Fax and Phone Numbers with Voicemail, Indianian GSM Chips and many other features. Exclusively for our clients, we also offer India Company Registrations.

Featured Service:

Our most popular service plan has it all:

Physical street address
PO Box address
Dedicated voicemail number
Shared fax number
Only 500 USD per year

Order now
See other service plans

In less then 48 hours you can start receiving mail, phone calls and faxes to your personal address and numbers in India. Have a look at our Services Section and choose the tools you need for your business or personal use in India.

SKMS Virtual Office Virtual Offices is located in the Republic of India, with the main office in Navi Mumbai, and an associated office for mail receipt in Indian Financial Capital, Mumbai.
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About us
We support all six of our primary business segments with centralized corporate operations, including purchasing, human resources, information technology, About uspublic relations and advertising, training, travel and facilities development. In addition, we often provide vessel design, construction management and vessel management services for company-owned vessels that are chartered for use in our operating lines of business.

Our company was founded in 1992. The present structure, in which Sree Krishna Maritime Services serves as a holding company for business lines and all subsidiaries, was put in place in 2002.
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Ship Husbanding and Deck Services
Sree Krishna Maritime Services agents look into the needs of the vessels, their crew, and their cargo at reasonable cost. Complete services can be Ship Husbanding and Deck Servicesarranged for the vessels docking at any hour of the day.
Roro Shipping

Sree Krishna Maritime Services is an established name in its sphere of operation. Armed with the best equipment, best personnel and years of know-how, it ensures a damage free and efficient handling of vehicles within the port area. We offer Roro Shipping Services in India.

The company is providing value-added transport services to meet the increasing demands in logistics and transportation. It's experience around the world also ensures appropriate and accurate segregation of marking of the vehicles for different ports thus simplifying shipping.
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Cargo Services
Our business is about more than moving cargo. It's about transporting value making it available to people whenever and wherever they want. Cargo Services
Our mission is to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of sea cargo services of consistently high quality to our customers.

By understanding the requirements of our customers we pursue this mission in partnership with our sub-contractors through the teamwork of our staff and ongoing investment in information technology.

We are constantly updating our systems to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology with the latest industry standard software/online services.

Essential ingredients in meeting our objectives are the commitment, conscientiousness, experience, expertise and dedication of our staff. Therefore the policy of the company is to provide the optimum working environment, training and all the necessary resources to enable our staff to service our customer's needs.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services is a leading, independent Swiss logistics company with over 1000 employees worldwide. The group is operational in 58 locations in 23 countries with its own companies, and has a global network of partners.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services along with our Asian Partners enjoy a position at very highest level within the Asian import and export market to /from India

Our service is tailored to each client driven by our huge buying power and individual service, offering importers the best price and the highest service levels.

This is apparent in our market leading IT plataforms SIS (Shipment Information System) which gives Irish importers unparalleled visibility of all their cargo from day of booking right through to vessel arrival in Ireland. It even allows shipping documents to be printed after day of sailing Ex Asia e.g Bill Of Lading, in one screen importers and exporters can see all their cargo from all ports online anywhere in the World 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Technical Architecture
Commercial Management
Disbursement Management
Fleet Management
Financial Management
Liner Management
Professional Services
Fleet Management

The ShipNet Fleet Management Solution is a fully integrated Ship Management Solution where ease-of-use and maintenance have been paramount for its success. The flexible and scalable Solution allows our Customers to have a structured and controlled fleet-deployment. Configuring the system according to each individual company’s requirements and processes makes system recognition easier and thereby ensures better adoption by the end users. The Complete Solution includes: - Planned Maintenance, Inventory control, Procurement, Safety and QA Management, Crew and Financial Administration, Distribution and Replication systems.

Highlights and benefits
System configuration according your specific needs and requirements
User definable workflow rules
User definable screens
Complete Ship/Shore replication (with file compression) providing complete fleet overview on shore
Complete integration via purchasing through to accounting
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Offshore Support Agency
Sree Krishna Maritime Services recognises that the offshore marine sector is unique in that it has specialised port agency and logistics requirements. Our Offshore Support Agency dedicated offshore operations teams, with specialist knowledge and experience of the offshore industry, are on hand 24 hours a day every day of the year to ensure our principals receive a consistent first class service.

Our highly skilled staff have a detailed understanding of the complexity of customs formalities and the importance of rapid mobilisation required for offshore projects.

We understand the highly pressurised environment in which our principals operate so we fully appreciate the importance of meeting deadlines, the need for flexibility and above all the requirement for a proactive approach.
Our full range of Offshore Support Services throughout Asia include:
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Humanitarian Logistics Services
As disasters (natural and man-made) continue to make an appearance in Humanitarian Logistics Servicesregular intervals, Sree Krishna Maritime Services, an expert in area of logistics and supply chain management has taken its 1st steps towards contributing to the cause of Humanitarian Logistics. Humanitarian Logistics is a branch of logistics which specializes in organizing the delivery and warehousing of supplies during natural disasters or complex emergencies to the affected area and people. Type and quantity of the resources, way of procurement and storage of the supplies, tools of tracking and means of transportation to the stricken area, specialization of teams participating in the operation and plan of cooperation between these teams, are some important issues that are connected directly to humanitarian logistics
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Marine and Offshore engineering consulting
Offshore Engineering deals with analysis, design and construction of structures and pipelines in a marine environment for the production and transmission of oil and gas. Offshore engineers design and install offshore platforms, marine risers, offshore mining pipe, articulated tower etc. Offshore engineers are involved in the design of dredging equipment for land reclamation, maintenance and the recovery of embedded minerals in deep-sea locations. Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis of offshore structures is very essential. Good knowledge of applied mechanics and fluid mechanics is very much required for offshore engineering. Offshore engineering also Marine and Offshore engineering consultinginvolves analysis and design for coastal developments. One can say that Offshore Engineering is a cooperation between Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology.

The Marine and Offshore Department of Sree Krishna Maritime in collaborations with industry professionals can fulfill the required tasks in the following categories wholly or partly, depending on the clients’ specifications and requirements, at its best levels of quality:

- Total Electrical Lighting, Cabling and Power Distribution solution including Design, equipment supply and Installation
- Total Accommodation and Living Quarters Solution including Design, Supply and Installation
- Total Solution provider for MCPS / ICCP/ MGPS
- Performing Ship and Wreck salvage tasks
- Performing of underwater cabling and pipe laying projects
- Performing of Dredging and specialty dredging like Mud removal and restoration of Dams
- Underwater Inspections
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Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services
Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services personnel have provided Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management ServicesSpill Management Team (SMT) type services prior to and since the inception of OPA '90. In-house, Maritime Alliance Group has more practical "hands-on" experience than any other service provider.

Maritime Alliance Group's eight (8) full-time staff members, supported by additional administrative personnel and network field responders, currently provide casualty response planning, training and incident response to the owners and insurers of approximately 45,000 vessels. A nationwide network of over 40 response professionals to serve on our team and act as nationwide correspondents supports our staff. We can place a Marine Spill Manager on-site within 2 hours of incident notification, anywhere within the United States or Canada. The maintained network personnel are all actively engaged on a full-time basis responding to casualties in the commercial maritime industry.
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Surveyors & Adjusters
It is recognised that many clients see the attending surveyor to be the face of their insurer and expect the surveyor to have all the answers.
We are always careful to bear this in mind and assist where we can but will always refer questions relating to policy or liability response, coverage, Surveyors & Adjustersterms and conditions and the like to our principals for action.
Unless specifically instructed we will never confirm claim or liability acceptance with the client.

Extent of survey
We understand that insurers and other principals may have guidelines as to the extent of surveyors' work. Manu Marine will always accept definite instructions as the limit of the work required. These may be one or more, for example, of the following:-For insurers (eg cargo, hull, pleasurecraft):
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss.
Report on claimant's actions regarding recovery rights and mitigation.
Assist the claimant in protecting recovery rights and assist in the mitigation process
All of the above plus review the insured’s final claim statement with comment on its attachment to the casualty
All of the above with provision of an adjustment for consideration under the terms and conditions of the policy.
By default and unless otherwise instructed we will provide reports and carry out 1, 2, 3 and 4 above. For third party liability interests:-
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss. <
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Machinery Services
Safety, quality, efficiency, and commitment remain the coiners tools of SK Martiime Services’ operations. Enormous number of satisfied customers globally is our reward of business. With continuous improvements & innovations in all areas of operations, we have curved out a niche forourselves on the Indian coastal trade while retaining our international focus, identity & reputation.

We have an excellent well-trained team of professionals which enable us to serve our clients with in depth knowledge of the domains at very competitive rates. We are dedicated to provide quality products in sharp timings to our customers.

We serve shipping companies, ship management companies, ship repairers, trading houses, marine training institutions in India as well as abroad.

Vision: To provide world class services to our customers backed up by the best Support, Service and Consulting.
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Maritime Security
SK Martiime integrates the latest technology, training, and resources to Maritime Securityprovide our clients with professional, reliable, and effective anti-piracy and anti-terrorist solutions. Our team of engineers and experts is constantly working to improve our tactical and strategic capabilities in order to produce the results our clients expect.

SK Martiime has only one objective: to carefully protect our clients cargo, vessel, and crew from piracy or attempted vessel take-over. We believe that large-vessel protection should be done discreetly, making the operational effectiveness of the vessel and its crew paramount to our mission.

Vessel take-overs are increasing at an alarming rate. Ransom demands for crew and vessel can reach tens of millions of dollars. Pirates are now capable of obtaining information such as manifests and know exactly what ships are carrying what cargo. SK Martiime is your defense against these criminal enterprises.
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Specialist project management and engineering support for offshore installations
SKMHS offers full turnkey project management and specialist engineering Specialist project management and engineering support for offshore installationssupport for the inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore installations, including modifications, refurbishments and annual surveys.

SKMHS provides an integrated portfolio of engineering design, modifications, upgrades and repairs, ranging from minor projects to complete lifecycle contracts with full implementation.

SKMHS's versatile, cost effective and multi-disciplined capability ensures a strong focus on excellence and project management efficiency.
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HSE Policy
SKMHS is dedicated to :HSE Policy

Effective HSE Management, with the highest standards of Services to its Clients”


“Safe and Efficient standards of operation, that complies, with the international standards, relevant guidelines and regulations which will continue to be the strongest element of marketing of our services.”

The two key words :

Efficiency - Doing things right…. The first time.

Effectiveness - Doing the right thing first.

SKMHS HSE objectives are :

To provide for safe practices in operations in a Healthy and Safe working

Minimise risks where possible.

Mitigate unacceptable risks.

Continuously improve HSE skills and performance.
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SKMHS Oil & Gas - Marine Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Project Management for Offshore Assets
SKMHS Oil & Gas plays a key role in drilling and subsea operations across arine Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Project Management for Offshore Assetsthe world. As a proven marine engineering, naval architecture and design partner to oil and gas operators and contractors for 30 years, the company is well-placed to support and enhance the capability of offshore assets of all kinds. The company's services range from front end engineering design (FEED) to integration design and detailed design and analysis, through to equipment procurement, fabrication and installation, commissioning and shipyard work supervision. Rig upgrades and services for MODUs, vessels and other offshore infrastructure. SKMHS Oil & Gas is sufficiently versatile and experienced to effectively manage a wide range of deliverables related to the building, maintaining and upgrading of rigs, MODUs, FPSO / FSO vessels, subsea vessels and other offshore assets. It has serviced almost all areas of the energy market, with a client list ranging from small drilling companies to large multinational oil conglomerates.
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Transport Services
We are logistics specialists in all aspects of haulage, our heavy haulage division is solely devoted to providing a high quality service for the Transport Services movement of heavy or abnormal loads throughout India.

This is successfully achieved by utilising our fleet of some of the most modern, state-of-the-art tractor units and low-loaders.
Please contact the transport department who will be delighted to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your transport requirements.

All works carried out under Terms and Conditions of R.H.A

Vehicle fleet

SKMHS operate a fleet ranging from small vans to STGO Categories 1, 2 & 3. Our strategy is to deliver end-to-end haulage services, including planning, logistics and road transport.

SKMHS have a modern fleet of over 20 vehicles. These can be utilized with 45' flats, curtainsiders, 40' - 60' extendable trailers, 45' - 75' extendable trailers, 45' - 100' extendable trailers, extendable step-decks and low-loaders.
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Sree Krishna Maritime provides a full range of services to the oil and gas industry. We are also an offshore construction company founded in 1990 to serve the offshore oil & gas industry in the region, including the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

We specialize in the construction, installation, maintenance and sub-sea inspection of offshore platforms and submarine pipelines, as well as the chartering of barges and marine vessels. We are also geared to carry out major EPC offshore projects with our team of professionals, modern equipment and facilities while adhering to a strict code of conduct to ensure the highest level of safety of all personnel.A list of services provided are:

OnShore Construction:
Onsite Fabrication
Marine Works:
Loading Terminals
Channel / River Crossings
Ocean Outfalls
Jetties / Piers
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Home of the Shippies
Welcome to the den of Indian Shippies. For all those who have just logged in,Home of the Shippies “Wassup!!”. For those who have been lazing around, “Quit doping and Start contributing”.

Well people, this is an upcoming place for all discussions ranging from new chicks in campus to projects/assignments to be downloaded and uploaded. This site is nothing without your contributions. So please help us; upload your assignments, Join the discussions in the forums, comment on articles and generally help us maintain the site. Please read our Terms of use to understand how you can help improve the use of this site.

People can and should take time to do some good work like giving ideas to Ejas and getting his name removed from webmaster, (seriously guys, help me in this coup).
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Experience Specialized Expertise and Concierge Service – Standard for Customs Clearance and Import Facilitation.
Our clients can avail from us, custom advisory service, business advisory Experience Specialized Expertise and Concierge Service – Standard for Customs Clearance and Import Facilitation.service and customer advisory service that serve the exact demands of our clients. By comprehending the precise requirements of our clients, we offer them with reliable advices about the customs and import/export, so that our clients are left with maximum contentment. We have expertise in offering business advisory service and customer advisory service related to custom clearance and related areas. Right from legalities, to documentation to the rules and regulations, we advice our clients with all aspects of the domain and help them in getting their custom clearance in a hassle free manner.
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We offer Customs Clearance services
We offer Customs Clearance services, wherein we assist our clients in offering all the relevant information associated with legal procedure of transportation. Our professionals help our clients in furnishing all the documents and get them verified from the customs department. Owing to our transparency in business operations, we have been successfully catering to the variegated needs of our clients.
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Government Liaison Services
We are one of the most result oriented organization having extended CORPORATE LIAISON SERVICES since 1988 to our various clients including Multi-national Companies as mentioned in our web site Government Liaison Serviceshttp://www.sreekrishnamaritime.com. Our website is more elaborate on the Medical Industry having extended the professional Liaison Services as at one time the business-revenue was more in this Industry. We are extremely comfortable in inter-acting with the various Ministries of the Government of India / State Governments as well as the Semi-Government Organizations for the sales promotion of our associates. We are more comfortable in working on projects of high value with the Government Departments for our associates; leading to 100% results. We are always keen to convert the concept of a high value project of our associates into plan – program of the Government – Letter of Intent. Providing leads for the projects floated by the Government of India – subsequent follow up resulting into award of contract is the main approach of our professional services. The brief scope of work would be as follows:-Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services has been associated with various Multinational Organizations for successful completion of their projects in India. During this span of 14 years most of the Multinational Organizations have been in touch with us directly or through their agents in India. We prove to be a helping hand in the development of Hospitals. Nationally hospitals have particularly benefited financially through our services. Our job took us to almost all the States of India to provide valuable recommendations for final approval from The Government of India from Delhi.
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Machinery Services
As a member of the world's leading marine service provider, Inchcape Machinery Services Shipping Services Group, ISS Machinery Services specializes in the supply of machinery and associated spare parts to the ship owners, ship management companies and shipyards around the world with 10 overseas sales offices, and has extended its activities into inspection and maintenance services for lifeboats and davits, liferafts and safety apparatus with our global service network covering 56 ports.
Air Conditioning
Auxiliary Engine Spares
Ballast Water Treatment
Electric Motors
Electrical Supplies
Engine Systems & Spares
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Is your business looking for ways to service your clients better?
Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services are proud to offer our freight concierge service and support to remain the industry leaders in Is your business looking for ways to service your clients better?freight concierge services.
With a background in hospitality ranging from professional crew work aboard some of the finest yachts on this Coast as well as yacht management to catering and ultimately estate management, I combine my unique skills with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience on nearly every level of island living. Offering the finest personalized professional concierge services to accommodate your ordinary and extraordinary needs ensuring maximum enjoyment of your precious time in the islands and peace of mind while you are away.
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How concierge services add stars to your business?
At a work place, we will often find executives swapping between urgent Vs important. At the work place, there are numerous errands which may not How concierge services add stars to your business?contribute in the operational productivity of the business, but they are still urgent and have to be done. Such tasks many involve lot of administration and may take much of your precious time. These not so productive tasks are usually cyclic, which keeps coming to you every day. This may greatly hinder in your productivity. Now business professionals are quite fortunate to have a creative solution in the form of concierge services. They will cut down your task responsibilities by creatively performing them, increasing your efficiency altogether. Concierge services can benefit in a lot of ways. There are quite diverse in their services, it is only up to you what level of membership you wish to choose. They help you cut down your overheads and much of additional costs. It eradicates the need of hiring extra staff. Moreover, as the professionals get to focus more on productive tasks, company tends to grow at a better pace. Once you escort the services, they can magically get your small necessary things done. Important tasks like setting the calendar, car washes, event arrangement, catering services, vacation planning, and guests pick up, ordering limos and many other small and big errands are simplistically done.
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